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Volume 0, Issue 31

Volume 0, Issue 31, Autumn 2018, Page 1-281

Doctor Civil Liability of missing opportunity (A Comparative Legal study)

Al-Ma'mon College Journal, In Press

The idea of missed opportunity is a clear example of the integration of luck in the legal field, Opportunity depends on luck, which is beyond the will of individuals and their expectations, that is there is a possibility that may occur or. It is known that there are a lot of facts not subject to the man’s control and opportunity begins when human capacity stop working. Missing the apportunity is a recurrent event in the medical field, especially in healing. If a doctor taky a wrong decision then chance of the patient (the injured) has the responsibility of a doctor, and then the right of injured person to seek compensation for the missed opportunity, and the law does not stand idle in front of this case but treats with all the stuff and exhibits all the possible ways and means, which calls for justice and fairness for the injured person, as though partially offset be no all the missed opportunity not to the outcome of the direct result of the missed opportunity, no other words miss the opportunity itself is harmful investigator requires compensation.

The Influence of Website-Based Dictionaries on EFL Learners' Vocabulary Building

Zainab Abbas Naji Al-Timimi

Al-Ma'mon College Journal, In Press

The aim of the current study is to examine the effectiveness of using dictionaries which operate based on the internet to measure their effects on learners' vocabulary development and growth. Forty-four female students were selected by the researcher as a sample of the study among 86 total number of the students at Al-Mansour Preparatory Girl School during the second course of the academic year 2016/2017. SPSS software was used by the researcher to measure effects and changes in students' scores after conducting the new experiment. Results showed that the experimental group learners performed better than the control group in the vocabulary test. The experimental group gained higher score than the control group. The experimental group learners confessed that the process of vocabulary learning became easier with online dictionaries than with the traditional ones. They also stated that they were able to know, memorize, and use many words after using online dictionaries.

Performance Evaluation and Comparison of High Voltage Insulators under Different Working Conditions

Koasay Abdul Sattar; Jabbar Qasim Fahad

Al-Ma'mon College Journal, In Press

Outdoor insulators (porcelain anti-fog disc, porcelain aerodynamic rod, epoxy–resin post) have been tested in the laboratory to study their insulating performance in clean, dry and polluted conditions, under the effect of transient and 50Hz A.C voltage. Such voltages are assumed to simulate lightning and switching over voltages, as well as normal operating voltage.
Experimental results show that the 50% negative impulse flashover voltage is always higher than positive. Furthermore, the positive switching impulse flashover values are nearly the same for dry and wet conditions, while the influence of rain is much more significant on negative polarity. Generally, rain tends to smooth the difference between the 50% negative and positive impulse flashover voltages.

The analysis and simulation of an Open Cycle Absorption Cooling / Dehumidification System Using Plastic Plate Absorber

Eman Abood Salih

Al-Ma'mon College Journal, In Press

The work done in this paper presents the analysis and performance of cooling / dehumidification system using an absorber in the form of across flow plastic heat exchanger (PPHE).
A mathematical model for the system is used, the system consists of a (PPHE) as an absorber, open type regenerator and two heat exchangers. The model used the test result of the (PPHE) absorber and Triethylene glycol (TEG) solution as desiccant. The effect of a number of parameters are investigated like the supply air and TEG flow rates on the supply air temperature, the regenerator area and system C.O.P.
The results show that the PPHE can be used to an efficient absorber in cooling dehumidification system. Also this absorber gives a good results compared with plate type and we can use the solar energy to regenerate the desiccant solution

Widely Tunable Profile Gain Raman Pump Based Multiwavelength Brillouin Fiber Laser

B. A. Ahmad

Al-Ma'mon College Journal, In Press

In this study, high input pump power Raman pump (RP) based multiwavelength Brillouin fiber laser with single Brillouin spacing lines were demonstrated at the room temperature. A simple ring cavity with a highly nonlinear fiber was used as the Brillouin gain medium (BGM) and a 3-dB coupler was employed for distinction of a single spacing (odd-ordered) Brillouin frequency shift Stokes signal. The results indicate that at Brillouin pump (BP) power of 8 dBm and RP power of 900 mW, 130 lines of single spacing comb lines were produced with a channel wavelength spacing of 0.0782 nm, at the BGM length of 2km. Moreover, the number of lines reduced as the RP power and the BGM length were reduced. It is also revealed that the BFL can be widely tuned in C and L-band range within wavelength region from 1550nm to 1620nm.

Improved Mobile Wimax Management and Mobile Internet

Hayder Hassan Mohammed; Mohammed Husien Khalel

Al-Ma'mon College Journal, In Press

To improve a handover for mobile WiMAX, this paper proposed the utility of Fast Intra-Network and Cross layer Handover (FINCH) protocol for intra domain of mobile management. It is considered a complement protocol to Mobile internet protocol (MIP) for inter domain of mobile management in WiMAX . The proposed protocol can reduce the handover problems and overflow of all MIP drawbacks, its also supports fast handover and reduce the delay time for delivery packets. FINCH is also utilize to save energy for mobile communication and it is appropriate for real-time services in iterative handover, as well as, it is a generic protocol for other IEEE 802-series standards. For this reasons it is working for heterogeneous network , for example ,WiMAX and WiFi networks

Evaluation of Human Voice Biometrics and Frog Bioacoustics Identification Systems Based on Feature Extraction Method and Classifiers

Aws Saad Shawkat

Al-Ma'mon College Journal, In Press

Biometrics is defined as the science of recognizing human by using their personal biological characteristics, for example voice, fingerprint and signature. Biometrics approach has then been implemented for recognizing animal for the purpose of biological and ecological research and development. Due to the research on animal based recognition is still in infancy, so in this study, the evaluation on the effectiveness of the audio based biometric system approach to the bioacoustics identification system is experimented. Bioacoustics based on frog call in order to identify the frog species is employed in this study. Consequently, the well-known features used in audio based biometric system i.e. Mel-frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC) is experimented as features for the frog bioacoustics based identification system. For the classification process, performances of Support Vector Machine (SVM), k-Nearest Neighbor (k-NN), Local Mean k Nearest Neighbor (LMkNN) and Fuzzy k-NN (FkNN) classifiers have been compared in this study. The performances of the biometric system and the frog bioacoustics system based on the proposed classifiers are evaluated. The best performance has been observed using FkNN classifier with the accuracy of 97% for the frog bioacoustics identification system and 93.38% for the biometric speaker identification system with 20 training data.

Gender Classification based on Audio Features

Nidaa F. Hassan; Sarah Qusay Selah Alden

Al-Ma'mon College Journal, In Press

Gender audio classification is considered one of the most significant methods in audio processing. In this paper, an algorithm involving audio features (mean, standard deviation, zero crossing, Amplitude) and Support Vector Machine (SVM) is presented to perform speaker gender recognition. For each audio, the highlights vector is utilized as an info vector in the SVM algorithm. An example of 2270 audio, include 1132 female audio with 1138 male audio is analyzed based on this algorithm. With only the four features, the average prediction error is 5%.

Design Of Linear Phase Band Pass Finite Impulse Response Filter Based On Modified Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Nibras Othman Abdul Wahid; Ali Adil Ali; Ali Subhi Abbod

Al-Ma'mon College Journal, In Press

Digital filters are elementary elements of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) scheme since they are extensively employed in numerous DSP applications. Finite Impulse Response (FIR) digital filter design has multiple factor optimizing, in which the current optimizing method does not work proficiently.
Swarm intelligence is a technique that forms the population of interrelated suitable agents or swarms for self-organization. A Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) that stands for a populating and optimizing scheme with adaptively nonlinear functions in multidimensional space is a distinctive model of a swarm system.
The goal of this study is to explain a scheme of designing Linear Phase FIR filter based on an improved PSO algorithm called Modified Particle Swarm Optimization (MPSO). The simulated outcomes of this paper demonstrate that the MPSO method is finer than the conformist Genetic Algorithm (GA) in addition to the standard PSO algorithm with extra fast convergence rate and superior performance of the designed 30th order band pass FIR filter.
The FIR filter design by means of MPSO Algorithm is simulated using MATLAB programming language version (R2012a).

The Intelligent SDSS Mobile Application to Find the Closest Hospital Using the Improved Dijkstra Algorithm with GIS and GPS

Dena Kadhim Muhsen; Rihab Flaih Hassan

Al-Ma'mon College Journal, In Press

Spatial decision support system (SDSS) became very important in our daily lives for its assist in the development of decision techniques based on Geographic Information System (GIS). Government, business and consumer decision makers increasingly depend on geospatial data to make crucial decisions. The current study presents a proposed intelligent SDSS mobile application for health services through integrating between two technologies, Artificial Intelligence technology by developing improved Dijkstra algorithm and the geographic information system technology. The application assists to find the nearest hospital from user location, shortest path to this health facility, time, distance, all hospital information related (like hospital name, contact number, e-mail, and specialization), and alert in case of congestions or closing in roads. It is helpful in terms of reducing transition time, effort, and cost. Android mobile's application is considered as a guide for users toward correct decisions to reach hospitals types (general, gynecology, or special) in Karada region from many locations within Baghdad city.

Urinary Tract Infection as a Health Problem among Pregnant Women in Baghdad AL Sadder City

Shatha Ahmed Mohammed Ali; Kareem Ghadhban Sajem

Al-Ma'mon College Journal, In Press

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) during pregnancy are among the most common health problems worldwide afflicting many women in their reproductive years especially in developing countries. Due to several anatomical and hormonal changes pregnant women are more susceptible to develop UTIs.
A cross-sectional study that was carried out on 170 pregnant women infected by the disease and referred to antenatal clinic at five primary health care centers in al-sadder City and the outpatient visitors to (Ibn AL-Baldi maternity and children's hospitals), for the periad from 1st December 2015 to the 1st March 2016. Data were collected through a questionnaire, repeated urine analyses and recording of outcome of pregnancy.
The study revealed that maternal age, education status, and occupation had been significantly associated with developing the UTI. More than Half of pregnant women (61.1%) were multiparous, (54.8%) were at 3rd trimester of gestational age, and this had significant differences with development of the disease. Personal hygienic practice of pregnant women with UTI showed that there is a high significant difference with the development of the disease. About one third of pregnant women (37.1%) had previous UTI considered with previous catheterization and diabetes mellitus as risk factors and had a significant differences with development of the disease. As a conclusion all pregnant women should be screened for UTI with a urine culture, treated with antibiotics if the culture is positive and then retested for cure. The goal of early diagnosis and treatment during pregnancy is to prevent complications with all the added benefits to the mother and the Fetus.